Quality Control Process

A 9-Steps of Quality Control Process

In WeJEWELER, every single loose gemtone will get a 9 steps of quality control processes, from the beginning of the raw material selection to the final packaging. Our experienced gemstone specialists will keep all aspects of the gemstone carefully checked to ensure you will get the most brilliant & flawless gemstone.

  • Step 1. Raw Material selection

    In order to produce the most consistently qualified gemstones, raw material selection is the key point. Especially for the colored stones.

  • Step 2. Overall Quality Inspection

    At WeJEWELER, we only stock high-quality loose gemstones. Before warehousing, all loose gems will first undergo a preliminary inspection to see if the overall quality meets our requirements.

  • Step 3. Filtering Defection Stone First time

  • Step 4. Stone Size Filtering

    For standard jewelry making, stone size precision is the key. That is why we pay great effort into filtering size. At WeJEWELER, each stone size will make sure the tolerance is within ±0.03mm.

  • Step 5. Stone Height Filtering

    A consistent standard height is a high priority in some mounting, such as Invisible Settings.
  • Step 6. Filtering Defection Stone Second time

  • Step 7. Cleaning With Alcohol

    After the second time filtering defection stones, our gemstone specialists will wipe with alcohol to clean the gemstones, making them look more bright and attractive.

  • Step 8. Quantity Filtering

    Our loose gemstones are mass-produced in standard sizes and quality. Striving for the excellent service of fast delivery, we filter the precise quantity for packaging in advance.

  • Step 9. Packaging

    We guarantee all the gemstones you receive are in perfect condition. To keep your gemstones away from damage, we offer free vacuum packaging OR tissue packaging.

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