Lab Grown Sapphire (Czochralski)

Experience the beauty of our Czochralski (CZ) Method of growth Sapphire. Our lab grown sapphires are created using the highest quality materials, resulting in visually stunning stones with the same durability and hardness as natural sapphires.

The CZ Method allows us to create sapphires in various colours, from classic (royal/ceylon) blue to vibrant pink, yellow, Alexandrite, orange, purple and Padparadscha.

As a wholesale supplier, we offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality. Choose our Czochralski (CZ) Method of lab grown sapphire for your next jewellery project and create stunning pieces that will last a lifetime.


  • Durable and hard, just like natural sapphires.
  • Produced using the highly sought-after Czochralski (CZ) Method.
  • Same chemical, physical, and optical characteristics as naturally mined.
  • Available in various colors, from classic (royal/ceylon) blue to vibrant pink, yellow, Alexandrite, orange, purple and Padparadscha.
  • Details of Lab Grown Sapphire (Czochralski)

    Chemical Property

    Recrystallized Sapphire Corundum Al2O3

    Material Type

    The Czochralski (CZ) Method of growth Sapphire

    Hardness (Mohs)




    Refractive index




    Lab Grown Sapphire Color

    Lab grown Alexandrite, Lab grown royal/ceylon blue sapphire, Lab grown orange sapphire, Lab grown Padparadscha, Lab grown purple sapphire, Lab grown (morganite) pink sapphire, Lab grown yellow sapphire





    Gems Cut Shapes

    Asscher Cut, Cushion Cut, Emerald Cut, Heart Cut, Marquise Cut, Oval Cut, Pear Cut, Princess Cut, Radiant Cut, Round Brilliant Cut, Trapezoid Cut, Triangle Cut, Trillion Cut, Cabochon Shape, Sugarloaf Cabochon.


    Most of the commonly used sizes we have available stones in stock, also we can custom-made as your requirement.


    Within 7 days for small order, within 15 days for bulk order, within 15 days for custom-made orders.


    Lab grown blue sapphire gemstone packed in a single box.


    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal.

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